Affiliate Agencies

When you manage affiliate programs for a few advertisers, the key point that makes the difference between failure and success is the number of active affiliates that promote your program.

On an average only 5%-10% of registered affiliates are active. IMECAFF solution was created to change your stat. If you would work with relevant affiliates, you can increase the number of active affiliates. IMECAFF will help you analyze each program you manage and will help you target relevant affiliates to invite to join your program.

When you inform your new clients that you use IMECAFF service for searching and targeting new relevant affiliates, they will be satisfied that you manage your time properly (they pay for your time).

If you could invite 1,000 relevant affiliates each month for each program you manage , the total of active affiliates you manage would increase and enable you to create personal connections to establish long term relationships between you and the affiliates.