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More time to grow your business

Save up to 70% of the time you spend searching for new affiliates or business partners.

In order to find 500 relevant affiliates/partners, you will need to explore a minimum of 5,000 websites, most of which are irrelevant to your business.

With IMECAFF you will work only with relevant results.

Opportunity to create personal connections

We believe in personal connections.

With IMECAFF you will have all the information you need to create your 1st personal connection with the new affiliate or partner. There is no second first impression.

Ability to make a winning offer

IMECAFF search service will allow you to increase your performance significantly.

You will process only relevant search results and have more time to invest on creating new personal connections. We believe that those are the key factors for making a winning offer.


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  • Affiliate Network
  • Affiliate Manager
  • Advertiser / Merchant
  • Publishers
  • Manufacture
  • Service Provider / Software
  • Affiliate Agencies
  • Distributor / Dropshipping

When you manage an affiliate network, you probably have a few hundreds or a few thousands of different offers (programs) on your list. We can help you target relevant affiliates for each of your offers. With us you will be able to recruit more publishers and increase your network EPC, the total number of active affiliates as a result increase your commission.

Assuming that you have 500 offers on your network, and that with IMECAFF you will target 500 relevant affiliates for each offer you have, can you imagine the effect to your network activity? How about 1000?

When it comes to affiliate marketing it's all about EPC. If you will have a minimum of 500 active affiliates for each offer, your network will increase the performance dramatically!

As an affiliate manager, increasing the total conversion is your top priority. In order to achieve that you need to invite more and more affiliates to our program, contact them personally, ask them to join your program, help them load creatives, design new creatives, send newsletters.

But when you waste your time searching and exploring irrelevant websites, you don’t manage your effort effectively. IMECAFF can help you create a new effective daily routine. Invite only relevant affiliates with IMECAFF and you will have 70% more free time to increase your personal connections with affiliates and hence increase conversions.

When you wish to promote your website, affiliate marketing is one of the most effective channels. If you can pay per performance (leads, sales, etc.) instead of investing on branding advertising channels, you will find that affiliate marketing can be your most cost effective promotion.

If you don’t have an affiliate manager, it is important to consider hiring an affiliate manager or an affiliate agency. An affiliate manager will know how to establish an affiliate program at an affiliate network and/or a private affiliate program.

Ask your affiliate manager to use IMECAFF service to search and invite new affiliates. With IMECAFF you can ask your affiliate manager to recruit affiliates and not waste time and money by exploring irrelevant affiliates.

Affiliates promote products/services based on traffic. If you are an affiliate that looks for websites to buy traffic, you can use IMECAFF as your media buying service. When you know what content the website promotes and you can calculate ROI, IMECAFF can be your source to explore relevant content websites for promoting your offers.

Online B2B is one of the biggest markets. If you are a manufacture, you want to increase your products promotion as much as you can. IMECAFF can help you target distributors and online retailers that can sell your product online based on drop shipping or fulfillment, affiliates for B2C marketing, websites for collaborations and every channel that will cover your omnichannel marketing. We will learn your needs and help you to target the best results.

IMECAFF can help you find relevant affiliates, relevant websites for collaborations, direct business clients if your service points to B2B clients, related social websites for creating relevant connections and increasing your SEO rank and more.

When you manage affiliate programs for a few advertisers, the key point that makes the difference between failure and success is the number of active affiliates that promote your program.

On an average only 5%-10% of registered affiliates are active. IMECAFF solution was created to change your stat. If you would work with relevant affiliates, you can increase the number of active affiliates. IMECAFF will help you analyze each program you manage and will help you target relevant affiliates to invite to join your program.

When you inform your new clients that you use IMECAFF service for searching and targeting new relevant affiliates, they will be satisfied that you manage your time properly (they pay for your time).

If you could invite 1,000 relevant affiliates each month for each program you manage , the total of active affiliates you manage would increase and enable you to create personal connections to establish long term relationships between you and the affiliates.

When you are a distributor and your revenue comes from selling the products, omnichannel is your web strategy.

Dropshippers open account on ecommerce market places such as Amazon, eBay , direct sale via ecommerce websites and affiliate marketing. IMECAFF can help you target relevant affiliates that promote products for marketplaces (they earn a commission from an affiliate activity). Thus, you will be able to inform them regarding your product and ask them to promote it as they already know how to do it.

IMECAFF can help you target ecommerce websites for dropshipping or fulfillment and to target relevant websites for affiliate marketing and collaboration

If you would like to advise us what is the best search package for you program or the best keywords to analyze the most relevant affiliates for your affiliate program, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Pay for your relevant search

$270 /mo $210 /mo $300

50 hours of manual work saved

$499 /mo $385 /mo $550

100 hours of manual work saved

$999 /mo $875 /mo $1,250

250 hours of manual work saved

$1,800 /mo $1,575 /mo $2,250

500 hours of manual work saved


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