Affiliate Network

When you manage an affiliate network, you probably have a few hundred or a few thousands of different offers (programs) on your list. We can help you target relevant affiliates for each of your offers. With IMECAFF you will be able to recruit more publishers and increase your network EPC, the total number of active affiliates as a result increase your commission.

Assuming that you have 500 offers on your network, and that with IMECAFF you will target 500 relevant affiliates for each offer you have, can you imagine the effect to your network activity? How about 1000?

When it comes to affiliate marketing it's all about EPC. If you will have a minimum of 500 active affiliates for each offer, your network will increase the performance dramatically!

Special tool for affiliate networks:

Automatic recommendation system:

We are able to analyze each network offers with our integrated software or to learn your offers which you will shared with us.

You will be able to see automatic recommendation affiliate offers to promote for each affiliate, based on analyze which offers in the network can be good to the affiliate. You want be needed any more to "remember" 500 or 5000 offers. our tool will do the optimization for you.

Each affiliate will be 100% relevant to your program with display ads/ contact information, social icons- all the information you need for 1st connection