Our Process

Our Process

IMECAFF unique service is different than any other SAAS provider/service you know.

We want make sure that you will get 100% accurate search results rather your order is 200 or 2000.

The process is very simple:

  1. Open an account on imecaff.com, submit your website's URL, your chosen search package and a link to your affiliate program's page or partner's page.
  2. Send us your clients' profile (who are you targeting), your search keywords and describe the added values of your product/service to your clients.
  3. Submit any additional information that can help IMECAFF's team learn more about your search.
  4. Finish your payment process for the chosen package.
  5. IMECAFF's team will review your order request and will contact you to make sure that the results will be optimal for promoting your product/ service.
  6. Using ONE package to run SEVERAL SEARCHES is an option. All you need to do is send us an email to support@imecaff.com.
  7. You will see the search results on your account within 72-96 hours after you receive order confirmation from IMECAFF's team.

We are here to help you promote your product/ service.