Why do you need to search for relevant affiliates in order to increase your EPC?

03 April, 2017

High EPC is the key for happy and motivated affiliates.

Affiliates invest lost time and money to create traffic of all kind, providing that they wish to get paid. How will an affiliate choose which affiliate program to join and promote? A program with lower risk and the most potential income will have a higher chance to be promoted by affiliates. However, the common calculated tool to evaluate the income potential from affiliate's point of view is EPC effort per 100 clicks, in simple words: how much money I will make if I refer 100 visitors to the program. If you suggest an affiliate to promote an offer, i.e: in finance, and the affiliate's website is dealing with cooking, the affiliate will probably not see a large conversion volume, if any, and thus instead he will prefer to promote cooking equipment. But we can take this 1 step forward. Assuming we have a trading finance offer and the affiliate has a website dealing with mortgage content, both websites are in the same finance category and we can find many related keywords, but this website will not be 100% relevant and he might publish the trading affiliate program but he should advertise mortgage offers. If you will invite trading website affiliate, your EPC will be the key to convince this affiliate join your affiliate program.

When you order a relevant affiliate search from, you target the best relevant websites for your program. If you invest your time managing only relevant affiliates, you will have more time to attend each affiliate and convince him/her to promote your affiliate program. 1000 relevant affiliates will do more than 5000 irrelevant and general affiliates. So with personal attention and relevant affiliates, you have the higher chance to preform high EPC affiliate program. Don’t forget, your job is also to make sure your product/service will convert as they should. We Believe In Relevant Affiliates