Why do you need affiliate manager to manage your affiliate program?

05 April, 2017

Affiliate programs that managed by affiliate managers have more chance to convert than affiliate programs without active affiliate managers.

When it comes to manage affiliate program you need more than just implement tracking pixels, load creative and wait for the cashier to ring.

Every affiliate that you will have in your program has his business goals, different traffic and promotion methods.

If you will treat personally to each affiliate and will learn his business needs, with your personal connection you might convince this affiliate to promote your affiliate program at his website instead of others.

You must treat affiliates as inside sales person and you must take care for him.

How many personal connections can an affiliate program manager manage? Although it depends on the affiliate manager's abilities, we have the tools to help him/her.

If you search for affiliates that are relevant to your program, the personal connection with each affiliate, if any, can and will influence the affiliate's choice whether to promote your program or another program.

If the affiliate manager spend time exploring irrelevant affiliates, he/she is wasting time that should be dedicated to strengthening the personal connections with the existing affiliates, and time is money.

When you manage digital marketing e-commerce, you must deal with lots of tasks simultaneously. However, you can have time for personal connections and for searching new affiliates.

You can either hire an affiliate manager or use an affiliate program managers' (OPM) companies that will help your business with affiliate marketing.

When you set the plan for an affiliate manager as an employee or an agency, please keep in mind that can help you with the affiliates search. If you propose to your affiliate manager to use service, he will be able to focus more on investing time to develop personal connections with the affiliates and increase the affiliates' performance. We Believe In Relevant Affiliates