Affiliates Search

Affiliates search and recruitment process

In order to manage a successful affiliate program you need to make sure you have some key elements in place:

  • A great product or service.
  • A worthy affiliate commission plan (we can help you establish it).
  • Attractive creative displays, banners and text ads.
  • One of the most important elements: HIGH EPC RANKING.

From an affiliate point of view, it’s all about the money. To quote Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire, affiliates ask for one thing: “show me the money”!

A High EPC means that an affiliate earns more money for his efforts and traffic. The EPC is a metric formula that many affiliates use to calculate how much money they will earn from your Program Earning Commission per 100 clicks.

When you invite affiliates or when they join your program, you must make sure that your program will help them earn more money than other options they have.

If an affiliate earns $5 EPC from program "A" and you will invite him to join program "B" that enable him to earn $50 EPC, your chance to recruit this affiliate is higher.

Therefore, it doesn't matter where your program is being managed, whether it is a self-program or an affiliates network, if you manage relevant affiliates, your EPC and their EPC earning must be higher.

Let's assume that you manage an affiliates program by an affiliate network or self-program and that you have 5,000 affiliates registered under your program. On an average only 5%-10% of these affiliates are active. So you are wasting time by managing 4,500 non active affiliates.

How can you manage an affiliate manager search and invite affiliates on a regular day by day process?

Analyze affiliates by submitting keywords using a search engine.

You start to mark websites that are relevant for your affiliate marketing.

Once you marked a website as a relevant one, you need to export contact details for this affiliate in order to invite this affiliate to your network.

How do you know that this website is relevant?

A website that has banner ads and relevant content is a relevant website.

On an average you will spend 2-3 min searching for each website (if you are fast catcher).

In order to search for 200 relevant websites you will be needed to visit a minimum of 2,000 websites. At 2 min spent on each website and a total of 1,800 irrelevant websites, you have wasted at least 60 hours of work searching for irrelevant websites!!! We both know that you wasted more time than that :).

IMECAFF.COM will change your entire prospective regarding an affiliates program. By using our Affiliate Search service you will immediately feel the difference between operating a relevant affiliate program rather than a network of 5,000 affiliates out of which 90% are inactive./p>

What can IMECAFF.COM do for you:

We recommend to order 500 monthly searches or choose an annual plan.

You will receive a list of 500 websites which are 100% accurate for affiliate marketing based on your keywords (see on IMECAFF.COM's homepage).

All you need to do is invite the affiliates to join your program. IMECAFF.COM enables you to know which website has banners ads, what sizes are the banners and other info such as LinkedIn page.

You just need to provide the relevant affiliate with your best offer. No more spending lost time on irrelevant searches.

Can you imagine the jumpstart for your program if you will have 60-120 available hours each month to invite and manage only relevant affiliates? Can you realize the potential for high EPC with relevant affiliates? Or do you prefer to waste these hours by searching for irrelevant websites?

We believe that your goals require time optimization. Therefore, using IMECAFF.COM's Affiliate Search service will enable you to have more time for active affiliates and more time to invite only relevant affiliates.